Introducing Hybrid

The Coronavirus outbreak was a wake-up call for all organizations to quickly prepare for remote work. Technically-challenged companies had no choice but to purchase laptops, improve their digital communication platforms and learn how to conduct remote meetings and workshops. Tech-oriented companies that have been communicating virtually even before the pandemic outbreak immediately set out to further improve their platforms while addressing network and cyber security issues. While employee trust was widely contemplated, in most cases it quickly became clear that people were working seriously from home, while maintaining and even improving productivity levels.
Getting back from lockdown, hybrid became a buzzword for new processes of gradual change in forms of work, learning, and systems in transitional times. While the old world of offices, boardrooms, water coolers and kitchenettes continue to partially exist, it was now accompanied by the new kid on the block: the world of online, virtual and decentralized modes of work. In other words, by going hybrid organizations could still hang on to both sides of the rope and engage in familiar linear modes of change they have been accustomed to for decades. But now, as gutsy organizations like LivePerson take a bold leap above and beyond all that is linear, we should all be asking ourselves whether it’s time for the business world to part ways with linearity altogether.

Skipping or tripping?

In light of this courageous decision to skip intermediate stages and move directly to the future, lifelong organizations should consider some noteworthy questions: Can people genuinely feel a sense of organizational pride, connectedness, belonging and joy in a workplace where the only social gatherings are on Zoom? How can we be certain that companies will allocate the million dollars of savings to the wellbeing of their employees and not to the deep pockets of their shareholders? When most companies are still exploring linear hybrid options, how can total-virtual organizations attract and retain great talent?
There is no one best way to answer these questions, and numerous possible solutions vary according to each organization’s individual culture and complexities. Still, here are some practical tips for organizations who are looking to get inspired by LivePerson’s bold move:

Get ready to be surprised

LivePerson is one of the first organizations to part ways with the linear past and make a bold move into the future, but it’s only a matter of time before others will follow. The solutions we will see in the coming years might seem incomprehensible at first, but once they present themselves, we’ll all ask ourselves: “How on earth haven’t we thought of this before?”
In his book Inventing the Future, Nobel Prize laureate Dennis Gabor wrote: “We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it”. In light of all that is happening and what the future holds, we should all get inventive and get ready to be surprised.



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Nili Goldfein

Nili Goldfein


Nili Goldfein is EVP Business Development & Marketing for NGG Global Consulting. With over 30 years in the field she is creating and running global business.